Property simulation system based on metaverse

Gen Earth provides users with a variety of value investment experiences and Metaverse-based blockchain to provide opportunities service.

Road Map

We share what we have been thinking about Gen Earth so far and the direction we will grow together with users in the future.

- Confirm the Service Concept.

- Study Technical Possibility.

20. 3Q

- Confirm Technical Plan.

- Begin Case Study.


Start PoC


- Beta Testing.

- Debug Process & Server Stabilization.


- Launch Gen Earth set Service.


- Open Hidden Service for Gen Earth User.


- Study Gen Earth sync using the result of Gen Earth set.

22. 1Q

- Review Variables in Metaverse.

- Confirm the Plan for Next Step of Metarverse in Gen Earth Sync.


- Integrate Metadata of Gen Earth Set to Gen Earth Sync.

- Debug Process & Server Stabilization.


- Launch Gen Earth sync Service


Key Features

Based on the three characteristics of Connectivity, Fairness, and Consistency, Gen Earth provides users with stable blockchain services and equal opportunities.

Read Time Update


- A new world based on a digital twin that connects the past and the present to create future values
- Alternative World with an expanded concept than the existing metaverse worldview
- A new concept that allowed me to do what I had dreamed of but couldn't

Read Time Update


-Equal opportunity for everyone to start anew on the same line.
-Equality of information in which the same level of basic information is open to all.
- Fairness of the probability that anyone can achieve the desired result

No transaction fees


-Consistency of development through utilization of metaverse-based geospatial data
-Stability of asset-related information through consistent information exchange based on blockchain
-Consistency in the growth direction of owning spatial assets and increasing their value

Gen Earth?

We operate the project with the goal of building an independent metaverse based on NFT.

It will be operated in three phases.

Gen Earth SET

  • Buying and Selling Land Ownership
  • -Metadata setting based on actual information
  • -Real estate transaction simulation operation
  • -Preparation of measures for appreciating the value of each land

Gen Earth SYNC

  • Coming soon

Gen Earth REAL

  • Coming soon